Mike Morse

Motorcycle Accident Victim’s Comeback Story Featured in Super Bowl Ad

Motorcycle accident victim Jesus Moreno with Detroit area attorney Mike Morse talks about the recovery process after his accident, how the team of personal injury lawyers at Mike Morse Law Firm helped him get his life back and what it’s like to be featured in a Super Bowl commercial.

Moreno was just 28 years old when he was in a tragic motorcycle accident. He was struck, crushed and dragged by a bus resulting in life altering injuries. He suffered a brain injury and amputation of his hand among other injuries. Evidence uncovered by personal injury firm, Mike Morse Law Firm, proved the driver had a history of distracted driving.

The settlement Mike Morse Law Firm won for Jesus was the largest personal injury settlement in Michigan in 2017. Jesus’s settlement will enable him to have the best quality of life possible. Once again Jesus’ life has changed – but, this time, for the better.